Friday, July 29, 2016

Synthesis of large single crystals of layered titanosilicate JDF-L1 with orthogonally lamellar architecture


Synthesis of JDF-L1 large single crystals with orthogonally lamellar architecture.
New observations on phase transformation between ETS-10 and JDF-L1.
Different effects of K+ and F ions on crystal phase and growth orientation.
Square sheets with 3-dimensions of ca. 15, 15 and 1.5 ┬Ám in orthogonal orientations.


Facile procedures were reported for synthesis of sizable lamellar JDF-L1 crystals. Phase transformation between ETS-10 and JDF-L1 was experimentally demonstrated founding on the role of K+, Na+ and F ions in crystal growth. Factually, K+ ions were confirmed not to participate in the crystal growth of JDF-L1. High concentrations of only Na+ and F ions in initial gels facilitated the formation of lamellar JDF-L1 differing from normal JDF-L1 in crystal morphology and unit-cell dimensions.

Graphical abstract



  • Sol–gel preparation
  • Crystal growth
  • Intergrowth
  • Large single crystal
  • Lamellar texture

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