Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Breaking the Rules with Cutting-Edge Lighting for the Home

Buster + Punch take their lighting to unexpected yet stylish levels with their HEAVY METAL Pendant and LED BUSTER Bulb. A London-born home fashion label that works with unusual, solid materials to make extraordinary items for everyday use, Buster + Punch's custom lighting fuses unique design and attitude to light up any room in the home from the kitchen to the bathroom and even the home bar area. Buster + Punch's striking British-infused lighting makes a design statement for all.

Buster + Punch

Buster + Punch's HEAVY METAL Pendant adds a bold and refined look to any room. The eclectic lighting piece features a single light pendant that is made from solid Steel, Brass, Smoked Bronze or Matt Black with signature knurled satin metal and Matt rubber detailing. Buster + Punch also offer a range of light bulbs with original styling, including the LED BUSTER Bulb.

Buster + Punch

The LED BUSTER Bulb is the industry's most innovative eco-friendly LED alternative to traditional filament bulbs and the first to implement novel changes in design. With an E26 base, it can also be used as a direct replacement for standard screw-thread incandescent bulbs. The resin light pipe at the center of the bulb is where all of the magic happens. It allows the bulb to perform two incredible functions: a focused spotlight to illuminate surfaces below and a warm ambient glow to light faces and spaces around it. Defining the next evolution in an industry that is undergoing a change in ideals, the LED BUSTER Bulb raises the bar in lighting technologies.

·         Available in dimmable and non-dimmable options 
·         At 2700K, provides a soft, flattering ambient light 
·         At 5W (dimmable) and 2W (non-dimmable), the bulbs consume just 1/20th of the energy of a conventional incandescent bulb 
·         Lasts over seven times longer than a standard bulb or incandescent 
·         Bulbs exceed all applicable U.S. safety standards 
·         Bulb life is an excellent 30,000 hours 
·         Available in Warm Gold, Smoked Grey and Bright Crystal bulb finishes 
·         Bulbs are finished with a satin metallic sheen
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