Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Synthesis and optical characterization of Nickel doped Thiourea Barium Chloride (TBC) single crystals

Organometallic Thiourea barium chloride (TBC) single crystals were synthesized using solution evaporation process at room temperature. Synthesized thiourea barium chloride crystals were recrystallized and during the recrystallization process 1M%, 2M% and 5M% of nickel (Ni) was added to the solution and kept for crystallization. The variation of intensity peaks and the shift in the XRD peaks were observed due to the incorporation of nickel in the host matrix. Variations in the absorbance and transmittance spectra of the pure and Ni doped crystals further confirms the presence of nickel in TBC single crystal. The optical bandgap of the pure and nickel doped single crystals were calculated using Touc's relation. The results show that bandgap decreased with the dopant concentration in the thiourea barium chloride crystal. The optical constants such as extinction coefficient and reflectance were also studied using the absorption spectrum. The FTIR absorption also shows minute shift in the absorption peaks due to the presence of nickel in the host matrix. Photoluminescence spectra of pure and doped crystals were studied.


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