Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Growth, structural and mechanical studies of phthalic acid single crystals grown in two different solutions

Good quality pure Phthalic acid single crystals were grown by slow evaporation solution growth method. Phthalic acid 1(PA1) crystals were grown in Ammonium Oxalate aqueous solution. From the aqueous solution of Ammonium Bromide, Phthalic acid 2 (PA2) crystals were grown. Single crystal x-ray diffraction and Mechanical characterizations of slow evaporation grown single crystals of PA1 and PA2 were analyzed in this article. Lattice parameters, space group and crytal system were found from Single crystal x-ray diffraction analysis. Optical tranmittance study reaveal the optical perfection of the crystals. Mechanical properties such as Vicker's microhardness number, work hardening index, standard hardness values, Yield strength, fracture toughness, brittleness index and elastic Stiffness constant values were determined using Vicker's microhardness tester.


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