Monday, January 20, 2020

Continuous depth-of-interaction measurement in a single-layer pixelated crystal array using a single-ended readout

We propose a depth-of-interaction (DOI)-encoding method to extract continuous DOI information using a single-layer scintillation crystal array with single-ended readout for cost-effective high-resolution positron emission tomography (PET). DOI information is estimated by different light dispersions along the x- and y-directions tailored by the geometric shape of reflectors around the crystals. The detector module comprised a 22 × 22 array of unpolished LGSO crystals (2.0 × 2.0 × 20 mm3). A multi-anode photomultiplier tube with 64 anodes measured light dispersion in the crystal array. Gain non-uniformity of each anode was corrected by an analogue gain compensation circuit. DOI information was determined from peaks in the x and y anode-signal distributions normalized by the total energy of the distribution. Average DOI resolution (full width at half maximum, FWHM) over all crystals and depths was estimated to be 4.2 mm. Average energy resolution from the 2 to 18 mm DOI positions was 11.3% ± 0.79%, with 13% difference in photo-peak positions. Average time resolutions (FWHM) were 320–356 ps. Energy, time and DOI resolutions were uniform over all crystal positions except at the array's edge. This DOI-PET detector shows promise for applications that require high resolution and sensitivity at low cost.


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