Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Organic single-crystal TFT

Rubrene single-crystal TFT (thin-film transistor) made on a kapton substrate using rubrene single crystal grown by physical vapor transport remains unaffected by bending up to a radius of 9.4 mm. BPEA {9,10-bis(phenylethynyl) anthracene} single crystal TFT fabricated on polyimide film shows good endurance to bending. The difficulty of precise placement of crystals at defined locations is avoided by making OTS (octadecyltriethoxysilane) domains on source/drain electrode pattern using an OTS-inked stamp, from where the organic crystals can be selectively grown. CuPc {copper(II) phthalocyanine} and F16CuPc (copper hexadecafluorophthalocyanine) single crystal TFTs are transferred to a gold wire to make a complementary inverter circuit.


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