Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Prediction of four, six or eight ears in drawn cups of single-crystal aluminum sheets

The new single crystal criterion developed by Cazacu, Revil and Chandola (2017) was implemented in a finite-element (FE) code and applied to forming of single-crystal cups of aluminum. Drawing simulations were conducted for circular single-crystal blanks of three different orientations: {100}〈001〉, {111}$\langle 1\bar{1}0\rangle $ and [112]$\langle 1\bar{1}0\rangle $ using the same set of parameters for the single-crystal yield criterion. A strong influence of anisotropy (single-crystal orientation) on the earing profile is found. While for the {100}〈001〉 orientation it is predicted that four ears develop, for the {111}$\langle 1\bar{1}0\rangle $ and [112]$\langle 1\bar{1}0\rangle $ crystal orientations six and eight ears are predicted, respectively. The FE simulation results are consistent with experimental observations of Tucker (1961).


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