Tuesday, March 24, 2020

FeTe0.6Se0.4 bulk single crystals with high critical current densities under magnetic fields

We have fabricated FeTe0.6Se0.4 large-size bulk single crystals with high critical current densities (J c) under magnetic fields. FeTe0.6Se0.4 single crystals were prepared by the melting method with two stage heat treatments. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis and the remanent magnetization method showed that the fabricated bulk crystals are intrinsically single crystals from viewpoint of the critical current flow. Temperature dependence of magnetization revealed that low-T c region exists inside the crystals. The magnetization curves indicated the typical fishtail type, and the magnetic Jc under the magnetic field parallel to the c-axis at 4.2 K achieved 0.36 and 0.2 MA / cm2 at 0 T and 5 T respectively. From the temperature scaling behavior of flux pinning properties we speculated that low-T c regions near excess Fe moderately distributed inside the crystals are dominant pinning centers in high fields at low temperatures.


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