XiamenPowerway Advanced Material Co.,Ltd  can offer Single crystal ingot or wafer substrate as follows:

1)Single crystal silicon carbide
  2"3"4" dia 4H/6H-N
  Type/ Dopant : N / Nitrogen,Semi-insulating/V
  Orientation : 4 degree+/-0.5 degree
  Thickness :(250 ± 25) μm        (330 ± 25) μm        (430 ± 25) μm
  MPD10cm-2MPD30 cm-2MPD100 cm-2                       
  RT:0.01-0.1 Ω·cm,>1E5 Ω·cm                    
  Double face polished/Si face epi-ready with CMP,Surface Roughness : <0.5 nm
  Packaging:Single wafer box or multi wafer box

2)Single crystal gallium nitride
   2"Free-standing GaN substrate
   Conduction Type:N-type
   Primary Flat Location:(1-100)+/-0.5°
   Primary Flat Length:16+/-1mm
   Primary Flat Location:(1-100)+/-0.5°
   Secondary Flat Length:6+/-1mm
   Dislocation Density:<5x106cm-2
   Marco Defect Density:A grade<=2cm-2 
   Surface Finish:Front Surface:Ra<0.2nm.Epi-ready polished
3)Single crystal germanium
     4" N - type Germanium  Wafer 
     Orientation : <100> +/- 0.5 degree
     Type / Dopant : N / Sb;P / Ga
     Diameter : 100 mm
     Thickness : 525 +/- 25 um
     Resistivity : 0.1 ~  1  ohm-cm;1 ~ 10  ohm-cm
     Primary flat location : <110>+/-0.5 degree
     Primary flat length : 32.5 +/-2.5 mm
     Front surface : Polished
     Back surface : Etched
     Edge surface finishing : cylindrical ground
     Surface roughness  ( Ra ) : <=5A
     EPD : <= 5000 cm-2
     Epi ready : yes
     Package : Single wafer container
2" undoped Germanium Wafer
     Orientation : <100> +/- 0.5 degree
     Diameter : 50.8 +/-0.3 mm
     Thickness : 500 +/- 25 um
     Resistivity : >=30 ohm-cm
     Primary flat location : <110>+/-0.5 degree
     Primary flat length : 15.88 +/-1.65 mm
     Front surface : Polished
     Back surface : Etched
     Edge surface finishing : cylindrical ground
     Surface roughness ( Ra ) : <=5A
     EPD : <= 5000 cm-2
     Epi ready : yes
     Package : Single wafer container
4)Single crystal gallium arsenide
    2",3",4"(GaAs) Gallium Arsenide Wafers
   Conduction Type:SC/n-type or SC/p-type with Zn dope Available
   Growth Method:VGF
   Crystal Orientation:(100)20/60/150 off (110)
   Carrier Concentration:(0.4~2.5)E18/cm3
   Resistivity at RT:(1.5~9)E-3
   Etch Pit Density:<5000/cm2
   Surface Finish:P/E or P/P
   PackagingSingle wafer container or cassette

5)Single crystal CdZnTe
   Orientation: (211)B,(111)B
   Double side polished
6)Single crystal Aluminum Nitride
   2”AlN Epitaxy on Sapphire Templates
   Orientation :C-axis(0001)+/-1°
   Conduction Type:semi-insulating
   Diameter:Ф 50.8mm ± 1mm
   Thickness:(30nm-5um)+/- 10%
   Orientation Flat:A-plane
   XRD FWHM of (0002):<200 arcsec.
   Polishing:Single side Polished,epi-ready

7)Single crystal silicon
   Diameter150±0.5 mm
   Thickness675±15 um
   Growing method:FZ
   Off-orientation:4±0.5 degree to the nearest <110>
   RRV:15% (Max edge-Cen)/Cen
   Diameter150±0.2 mm
   Thickness525±15 um
   Growing method:CZ

A single crystal or monocrystalline solid is a material in which the crystal lattice of the entire sample is continuous and unbroken to the edges of the sample, with no grain boundaries. The absence of the defects associated with grain boundaries can give monocrystals unique properties, particularly mechanical, optical and electrical, which can also be anisotropic, depending on the type of crystallographic structure. These properties, in addition to making them precious in some gems, are industrially used in technological applications, especially in optics and electronics.

Single crystal silicon is used in the fabrication of semiconductors. On the quantum scale that microprocessors operate on, the presence of grain boundaries would have a significant impact on the functionality of field effect transistors by altering local electrical properties. Therefore, microprocessor fabricators have invested heavily in facilities to produce large single crystals of silicon.

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